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The Outsider Collective is a team of web3-native creatives spanning the disciplines of art and music who have come together to build an ecosystem founded on the values of creativity, community and collaboration.

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Crypto Cloud Punks goal is to Decentralize everything from shopping to trading, to playing and just enjoying a good game.


Voodoo Aces Cartel is building an ecosystem ranging in all aspects from comics to gaming and metaverse events and providing the most entertainment possible for an NFT collection.

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NFT Jingles has interactive music NFTs - brought to you by the NFT Jingles creative Roster. Own a piece of history and earn rewards for listening. We only do what's never been done before...

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Supreme Aliens has a collection of 400 unique AI generated NFTs on Ethereum blockchain.


GRL makes music & builds worlds || building the next Prism World || Krash World .


Women and gender-expansive folks are underrepresented in the music industry. SYRYN RECORDS is on a mission to change that.


Comics by Cookie is creating Chronicles of the Colorless Rogue: Chapter One which is the first of many in the series starring The Colorless Rogue from the Loser Club: The Rogue Collection.

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