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What is Easy Trade?

Easy Trade allows users to trade ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 Tokens all in one Easy interface. Trade publicly or specify a wallet to trade directly. List a trade, get a trade index, and share that trade index.


  • How do I use Easy Trade?

First you will need to click the Go To Easy Trade button at the top of this page then connect to Easy Trade with your crypto wallet and ensure you are on the Ethereum or Polygon network. Once connected you will be able to create(list) your trade.

The Create page has three sections Trade, Ask For, and Create Trade.


Just above the Trade section you can specify if the trade will be Public (anyone can complete the trade) or Direct (only a specified wallet address can complete the trade).


Within the Trade section you will need the NFT or Tokens contract address you wish to trade and enter/paste it in the Contract Address input and click Load. Clicking Load will run a test search to determine the contract type ERC721, ERC1155, or ERC20 and should automatically pick the correct type. If the type is incorrectly selected you can manually change it to the correct type.


  • ERC721 token standard you will only need to input the Token ID in the next input and click Add to add to the Trade list. You could add more then 1 token ID to the list for trading if you wish.

  • ERC1155 token standard you will have two inputs appear, the first input is for the Token ID and the second input is for the Amount of that token. You can also add more than 1 token ID to the list for trading if you wish.

  • ERC20 token standard you will only need to enter the Amount you wish to trade. Only one ERC20 token type can be traded if you try to add another it will replace the last amount on the trade list.

After you have completed the Trade offering list you can navigate to the Asking For section just below the Trade section. Just as the Trade section you will need the contract address for the NFTs or Tokens you wish to receive for your trade. The Asking For section has the ERC721/ERC1155 and ERC20 inputs split since you could ask for both a list of NFTs and a ERC20 token type. There is also an input if you wish to sell your token for the chains native crypto currency. Each of these inputs are optional so only input what you wish to receive for your trade.

The last section is Create Trade, here there is an input for optional EZT (Easy Tokens) you can purchase while making your listing. EZT is used for rolling a random number for a chance at winning the Prize Pool. This is completely optional and not required to complete your listing. Each created trade will automatically do a single roll for you giving you a shot at the Prize Pool.

Finally you will see your listing fee within the Create Trade section and when you click Create you will be asked to confirm your inputs and check an agree box. These confirmations are to ensure all your inputs are correct and you agree to the trade. You can then click Create after that confirmation box is checked to begin the transactions for approvals and creating.

There will be a transaction to set the approvals for Easy Trade to move your Tokens and then another transaction for actually moving your tokens and creating the trade listing. 

Once the transaction is complete you will get a Trade Index in the receipt at the bottom of the Create Trade section. This Trade Index will be searchable on the Search page for your end user to complete the trade by clicking the Complete Trade at the bottom of the screen of the Search page. If you did not see your Trade Index you can check the Settings page to see a list of your active trade indexes.

If your trade hasn't been completed you can Cancel it on the Cancel page at any time. Search for your Trade Index and at the bottom will be a Cancel Trade button.

  • I loaded in my contract address and added my token ID but the NFT image and metadata is not displaying correctly?

For certain collection the metadata pulled is restricted due to CORS errors or Cross Origin Resource Sharing. This is because the collections metadata and or content is being hosted on a site that doesn't allow getting or fetching data or content easily. To ensure content is accessible it is recommended for creators to use a decentralized protocol such as IPFS through something like Pinata for speed sharing and ease of use. If the Image does not show, but a name with a link to OpenSea does you can still trade the NFT, just verify that the link is your correct NFT.

  • The sidebar is not showing a list of NFT collections?

In this case try refreshing the page or disconnecting and reconnecting to Easy Trade.

  • My tokens NFT collection is not listed on the sidebar?

The sidebar only lists collections that have been manually entered into the Easy Access System. If you would like to have your tokens collection added please send a message request with the collections contract address and name. If you would like the collection placed in a specific location on the list that would be open for placement fees depending on location.

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