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NFT Clicker Game

See Rules and Info Below

Play from a computer and connect your MetaMask Wallet.

If you connect your wallet you can play with (image only) NFTs you own.

Controls are simple, use the mouse to click on the game elements to add/subtract points and time. Press Esc at anytime to view HIGHSCORES.

Game Key:

Plus symbol adds points.

Minus symbol subtracts points.

Clockwise Stopwatch adds time.

Counter Clockwise Stopwatch subtracts time.

And then clicking on the center of your NFT adds 1 point.

For Level 3:

Click Hold and Drag your NFT over the Collectable Item as fast as you can.

A wallet must be connected in order to WIN NFT prizes, otherwise you are not eligible for NFT prize drops.

The competition rules and times for Prizes are determined on Twitter @EasyNFT_ .

Screenshot your High Score and post them in the Twitter Feed @EasyNFT_

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