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CSV To GLTF Blender Addon

CSV To GLTF Blender Addon

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Take a spreadsheet and export it as a CSV then use the CSV in Blender with this addon to generate multiple GLTF files from objects names listed in each row.


Download the file and import the addon into Blender 3.1.2 or higher.

Place your CSV file in the same folder you saved your .blend file.

Create a folder for where the GLTF files will go in the same folder as your .blend file.

Press N to toggle out the panels and click CSV To GLTF.

In the first input type in the name of your csv file with .csv added.

In the second input type the name of the folder you wish to generate the GLTF files to.

The last input field you can optionally specify the count to start at for the file names.

Click Generate and the process will begin.

This addon reads each row of your CSV file.
Then it will find the objects in the Blender scene view by the name values in that row.
Once each object is found it then selects all child objects of the found object and puts them all in a selection list. 

A GLTF file will be created for each row you have in the CSV file within the folder you created and named in the second input.

You can optionally start the sequence at whatever number you'd like.

When pairing this with the Easy NFT generator you can use the created Manifests from it to create 3D models based off those named traits. 

*Note that this does not automatically create the 3D Model objects for you, you would need to have those made and named according to the names listed in the CSV. 
This is just a multi-exporting addon tool for Blender.

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